Kaesong Travel Poster (Limited Edition)

Limited edition 16″ X 20″ print – with artist’s certificate of authenticity

Inspired by the classic retro travel posters of major hubs around the world, the North Korea travel poster series features illustrated snapshots of five major DPRK cities: Pyongyang, Wonsan, Nampo, Chongjin, and Kaesong.

Comes packaged in a 20″ X 3″ inch cardboard tube roller.


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A popular tourist destination, Kaesong boasts a number of Koryo-era sites including the Kaesong Namdaemun gate, the Koryo Museum, and the Manwoldae historical site–the site of the Koryo dynasty’s royal palace (918-1392).

Due to the city’s historical significance to both Koreas, Kaesong has often been the site of joint preservation and excavation projects. Most recently, the two Koreas also opened a joint liaison office at the now-shuttered Kaesong Industrial Complex.

Printed on 16×20 inch MATTE 10pt Cover paper using Indigdo 12000 presses, this high-quality poster can be framed or left bare.

This is a limited run series. Only 500 copies of this poster exist in the world. Each poster is individually numbered and comes accompanied with a certificate of authentication.

Weight 8.5 oz
Dimensions 3 x 20 in


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