Nampo Travel Poster (Limited Edition)

Limited edition 16″ X 20″ print Inspired by the classic retro travel posters of major hubs around the world, the North Korea travel poster series features illustrated snapshots of five major DPRK cities: Pyongyang, Wonsan, Nampo, Chongjin, and Kaesong. Comes packaged in a 20″ X 3″ inch cardboard tube roller.

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Located in South Pyongan Province, Nampo is the country’s largest maritime trading hub. When it’s not undergoing construction of its coal and oil facilities, the city welcomes locals to a day of barbecuing, drinking, dancing, and enjoying the beach.

Printed on 16×20 inch MATTE 10pt Cover paper using Indigdo 12000 presses, this high-quality poster can be framed or left bare.

This is a limited run series. Only 500 copies of this poster exist in the world.

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